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Journey into the
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Embark on a journey across the blockchains, starting with our ecosystem and crossing the bridge to many others. The future lives on the blockchain, MANY takes you there.

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Welcome to the $MANY Community

A new way forward for like-minded people

With the world rapidly embracing blockchain technologies, we're witnessing the rise of an entirely new financial and technological culture. We inappropriately refer to the metaverse as a singular item, but there will be many metaverses, many worlds and they will require both a bridge and a door. $MANY is aiming to become that bridge.

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One token, $MANY utilities

$MANY aims to innovate the way you experience the digital world

The Many Worlds Token ($MANY) is a huge leap forward in DeFi token design. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, $MANY is designed to act as the governing token for ecosystem, metaverse, and blockchain interoperability.

The first of the Many Worlds that needs interoperability is the real one. The first delivery from $MANY is a FIAT-DeFi on-ramp solution allowing new users to enter crypto in the most simple and cost-effective way possible.

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Safe for all our Community

Not Just An Innovative Token

The $MANY team is committed to transparency, accountability, perseverance, and ingenuity which plays a vital role in the long term viability and security of this project.

Quarterly Burn

$MANY's burn mechanism is spread across a longer time frame so new members of the community, as well as old, can equally benefit.

Anti-Whale System

Since $MANY is a Community token, installed into the smart contract is a system used to discourage whales. Sales transactions for amounts greater than 0.2% of the total circulating supply will be rejected by the contract.

The core of $MANY


The $MANY smart contract is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The choice to develop on BSC benefits the community by offering faster transactions in a rapidly growing blockchain infrastructure that involves far fewer gas fees (the fees paid to process and validate transactions in the crypto landscape).

$MANY's gas fees are further reduced by utilizing Web3 to maximize the protocol's ability to operate efficiently — maximizing a holders reflections as a result.

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The heart of MANY WORLDS

Token Leveling System

As mentioned, the $MANY smart contract has the unique ability to determine the age of any individual token held in a wallet. This, in turn, is used to identify the token's level and calculate its specific rate of reflections and access to different levels of our utility (the age of a token resetting to zero every time it is sold or transferred out of any particular wallet).

With the community likely to hold tokens of varying ages, the smart contract is able to identify the age of each individual token, accurately calculating and distributing reflections for different aged tokens within the same wallet without issue.

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Dig a little deeper

Our Whitepaper

Many Worlds Whitepaper

The Many Worlds project focuses on playing a bridge utility role in the multiverse of metaverses, but a bridge is only half the battle, a doorway into each metaverse must be crafted as well. Our blockchain asset injection technology will aim to allow seamless communication and the movement of assets from ecosystem to ecosystem.

Our own ecosystem, our own metaverse, is something quite special itself. Starting with an NFT Trading Post and Customization Platform and going all the way to NFT Comics and Entertainment, Many Worlds is a rapidly growing brand.

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Many Worlds Whitepaper
Our vision

$MANY seeks to connect the various networks in the crypto landscape into a single user-friendly realm. With any number of Metaverses set to emerge in the coming years, Many Worlds will aim to act as the intermediary, allowing users to travel seamlessly between ecosystems.

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