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Welcome to $MANY

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The Many Worlds Community of holders.

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Welcome to $MANY

Introducing $MANY

Many Worlds Token is a utility token creating an intricate ecosystem for MANY holders to enjoy while crafting solutions to connect the many metaverses that are beginning to develop. Specialized dapps accessible to only MANY holders, an NFT Trading Post and Customization Platform, and interoperability protocols with blockchain asset injection technology to bridge these ecosystems and metaverses together; MANY worlds indeed will connect, interact, and develop with and for the many worlds.

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What makes $MANY

Many Values

As the vision of a truly boundless crypto landscape evolves and grows, the core principles that serve as Many World's foundations will remain constant throughout.



The team is committed to open source accounting and the highest levels of transparency for holders as well as the general stakeholder community. With open source accounting making all expenses available to the public, the process ensures accountability. Further to this, the development team is intent on maintaining clear and honest communications throughout.


While the team believes fully in ethical and transparent practices, we understand that our community require more than just a verbal commitment. All members of the development team have undergone a KYC process to ensure that holders have a route to hold team members accountable if the need arises. Furthermore, the CEO and the COO of the project will be publicly doxxed to aid the accountability process.


The crypto and blockchain space is ripe with volatility and uncertainty. The development team commits to the long-term growth and development of the Many Worlds project irrespective of any problems encountered. Intent on realizing the success of their vision, the development team will tirelessly persevere to ensure that $MANY and its ecosystem continue to grow and foster success — not just as a utility token but as a software development and technology firm.


The fierce competition in the blockchain industry necessitates a commitment to new and innovative solutions. The development team acknowledges that the recruitment of new talent will always be necessary for the advancement and success of Many Worlds. The first demonstrable embodiment of this value is the immediate recruitment and expansion of our engineering team to realize our roadmap goals. Both pre and post-deployment, the team will continue working diligently to deliver utility adding to the MANY potential usecases.


The community that has formed behind the Many Worlds Token cannot be underestimated - it's the cornerstone of any successful utility project and is too often ignored due to the elitism that pervades not just the crypto world, but the start-up landscape in general. The development team constantly polls the community for feedback, suggestions, and encourages community development efforts that will provide more use-cases for the token. The problems that need solving by blockchain technology are virtually limitless, and thus, the community efforts need to be limitless in parallel.

Project Roadmap

The shape of things to come

Stay up to date with the team's latest progress on product development, as we continue to develop different utilties for the MANY project. Please note This is the pre-launch iteration of the roadmap. Milestones are subject to change depending on external factors.

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